What should I do when the point-of-sale terminal asks me to “Select your account, CHQ, SAV or CR”?

8 February 2023

Any of the options will work for the SmartCard. To make a purchase at a point-of-sale terminal, insert your SmartCard into the device and press “SAV” or “Savings” or “CHQ” or “Cheque” or “CR” or “Credit” or “Debit”. Then follow the prompts to enter your PIN.

There is no need to enter a PIN for purchases of $100 or less (or $200 or less at some businesses).

If you want to use the “Tap and Pay” (or contactless transactions) function, you can enable this via the Cardholder site by logging in via and selecting the ‘Settings’ option. Once in the Card Settings landing page, under the ‘Transaction Settings’ option, select ‘Change Setting’. You will be able to turn on contactless transactions through this mechanism. Another option is to call Services Australia on the SmartCard eIM hotline on 1800 252 604.