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For Cardholders

The enhanced Income Management (IM) program is an initiative of the Australian Government.

Under the enhanced IM program, a percentage of a customer’s income support payment is placed in an account with an attached debit card issued by Indue Ltd. This card is known as the SmartCard, and it can be used at most shops that accept Visa or eftpos, including overseas. It cannot be used to buy alcohol, some gift cards and cash-like products, tobacco, pornography or to withdraw cash.

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'How-to' Tutorials

The SmartCard looks and operates like a regular debit card and you can use it to shop almost anywhere, including online. There may be some differences to other debit cards you have used though, so we have prepared a series of ‘How-to’ tutorials for your reference.

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Support for you

Need help? Find the support to suit you, and FAQs including what to do if you need a replacement card or need to talk to someone.

The Services Australia dedicated SmartCard eIM hotline can help you manage your enhanced Income Management account.

If you would like to know the balance on your enhanced Income Management account, you can make a free balance enquiry in a number of different ways.

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Conditions of Use

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