What time do scheduled recurring payments occur and how do I stop a recurring payment?

8 February 2023

All recurring payments occur at 4am, rather than at 4pm, so you will need to ensure there are sufficient funds in your account to meet any recurring payments by 4am of the day the payment is to be made. In the event there are insufficient funds in your enhanced IM account by 4am the recurring payment will not be made and no money will be deducted from your account. Note: If the payment is to a business, the business may charge a fee for a missed payment.

To stop a recurring payment, you will need to log into your online account and stop the payment before the payment is due. Alternatively, you can stop a recurring payment by submitting a stop transfer request by calling Services Australia on the SmartCard eIM hotline on 1800 252 604.  You will need to contact before 5pm (AEST) the day prior to the payment.  Note: The schedule of recurring payments can be stopped, but not a single payment within the schedule. The SmartCard eIM hotline is open Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm (customer local time).